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Over the years I have provided expert testimony and opinions in a wide range of aviation related matters. My high profile expert testimony include being part of the defense team for American Airlines and USAirways in the DoJ efforts to block the merger, I was an expert on behalf of G.E. before the EU Competition Committee with regards to the proposed merger with Honeywell, before the National Mediation Board, I provided expert testimony on behalf of the American Eagle airlines in the singe transportation case, and I provided expert testimony and report on behalf of the mechanics in the arbitration that Northwest Airlines wrongly used force-majeure in 2002 to lay off workers. 

 In addition to the high-profile expert engagements, I have provided expert report/opinion/testimony on an airline valuations for the following:

  • My most recent expert report was on behalf of the Abbot Group (Pan Am Pilots) on the value of Pan Am with and without the impact of Lockerbie. In this case, I analyzed Pan Am financial and other documents to provide pro-forma cash flow and balance sheets assuming the Lockerbie tragedy did not occur. I provided an opinion on the projected viability of Pan Am had the Lockerbie tragedy not occurred to provide support for claims for a group of Pan Am pilots to receive compensation from the Lockerbie fund. I testified before the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) in December 2016.
  • I provided an expert opinion on damages in a case which involved a breach of contract by a partner with a charter operator in Mexico (2015).

 Previous expert witness work included:

  • Expert witness in a divorce case as to valuation of airline assets. For this case I provide a valuation of a charter airline (2005).
  • Expert witness on behalf of a defendant in litigation involving disputed assets of a new entrant carrier. For this case, I provided an aircraft manufacturer the likely viability and valuation of a new entrant airline (2003).
  • Expert witness on behalf of defendant in breach of contract litigation between major carrier and the code-share regional partner. For this case, I provided a value for the expected revenue contributions of code-share agreement (2000).
  • Expert witness on behalf of airline (plaintiff) in litigation involving leasing company and value of aircraft. For this case I provided expert report on the harm created by a leasing company in repossessing aircraft (1998).

I am an economist by training with an undergraduate and masters in economics. My doctorate in in airline operations, where I gained a deep understanding of the elements of a successful airline business model. Through my research, I examined the operations of large and small carriers. 

Dr. Tulinda Deegan Larsen